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Toni Cannelli: Sheffield's professional drum teacher and drummer
Play Drums Now - Drumming Tutorial with Toni Cannelli

"Play Drums Now" by Toni Cannelli [AVAILABLE NOW]
"A complete Drum Lesson in a Box" Vol. 1

- Suitable for Beginners.

Toni gives a 90 minute step by step lesson covering:

  • Hand Technique
  • Reading Rhythm
  • Foot Technique
  • Playing and Reading 4-4 Drum Beats
  • Adding Cymbals
  • An Exercise To Learn 144 New Beats
  • Drum Fills
  • Six songs
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a clip from the Full Tutorial..
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All the music is included, minus drums. Also included are all the drum sheets for you to view and a section on drum set up.


PDF Rhythm sheet (Filesize: 1.2MB)
PDF Basic 44 beat (Filesize: 1.1MB)
PDF 144 new drum beats (Filesize: 2.1MB)
PDF Medpop (Filesize: 1.5MB)
PDF Ballad (Filesize: 1.6MB)
PDF Rock (Filesize: 1MB)
PDF Shuffle (Filesize: 1MB)

Drum sheets for Volume 1 (Play Drums Now!), can be viewed from the full tutorial, [AVAILABLE NOW] but we've also provided them separately as free downloads : )
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- to view and print now / right click to save to your computer)

(PDF files - Requires Acrobat Reader to view, click logo left to get (free) download if needed.)
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The Complete Drummer - Drumming Tutorial with Toni Cannelli

"Complete Drummer" by Toni Cannelli [AVAILABLE NOW]

- Suitable for Intermediate/ Advanced.

Toni gives an 80 minute step-by-step lesson, dealing in depth with issues including:

  • Rudiments Around The Kit
  • Motion Technique
  • Bass Drum Technique
  • 144 New Beats
  • Goal setting
  • Snare drum maintenance
Includes MP3 format play along tracks and PDF drum sheets to print.
Click image below to play
a clip from the Full Tutorial ..
click here to view 'complete drummer' video clip
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